Hybrid Meeting

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The Steering Group met in-person in the splendidly restored Tavistock Guildhall, Robing Room. A big thank you to Richard Rundell, Guildhall Centre Manager, who stayed on late, to look after us. The AV worked – so a big thank you also to the ‘Zoomers’the participants from our community, who joined in and gave such useful contributions, noted below. The ‘hybrid’ meeting with online forum is not our first choice and we hope to all meet in person next month.

Read the minutes from the meeting and sign up to be the first to feedback on the initial survey design by emailing [email protected] We’d also be interested to hear from those who attended the hybrid meeting via Zoom for your feedback.

Duke Street shops with no cars parked in early morning. Photo by Annie Coombes
Duke Street by Annie Coombes

With regard to the Initial Survey, we will be looking for volunteers to deliver the paper format of the surveys. In addition, there will be presentations to various public events in the community where the survey would need to be done in groups/face to face, e.g., to assist people with disabilities.

We’re also looking for places to host meetings, consult the community and where individuals can drop-off paper surveys and all suggestions are welcome. We had offers to use facilities from a representative of the Tavistock Library and Tavistock College. See the minutes for more ideas of locations and information about which of the steering group members to contact with your suggestions.

If you would like to volunteer to deliver surveys or take part in consultation events, please contact us at [email protected]