Public Meeting and Initial Survey Results

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Notes of the Tavistock Neighbourhood Development Plan Public Meeting with Steering Group
Tavistock Town Hall
27th July 2022 6.30pm 
“Careful planning and development with the community and local ecosystems in mind, and sustainability at its heart.” (*)
Key topics covered in the meeting
Findings from the survey carried out in Spring 2022 – we were delighted to welcome Victoria Grimburg from Devon Communities Together who devised the questionnaire and delivered the report – Thank you! 
Calendar of proposed meeting and events until Summer 2023
Outline next steps for the Tavistock plan process
Invitation for four additional people from the community to join steering group
Announcement appointment of professional planning expert/project manager 
Confirmation TNDP applying for funds to fully finance ongoing activity 
Read all our meeting notes and Steering Group minutes here
Survey findings here
Last Wednesday’s meeting at Tavistock Town Hall was a great opportunity to meet the steering group, talk about the survey and to think about our plans for the future.
A Big Thank You to the local residents who joined the meeting. 
What are the survey respondents’ top priorities for improvements 
• Affordable housing
• Transport; railway, traffic on the roads and cycling ways
• Environment; sustainability, green spaces and renewable energy
The release of the survey results is just the beginning of our journey! In the coming months we will be looking to the local community to assist in devising the plan for our future, using the results of the survey as a starting point. For example, If you have interest, enthusiasm or experience in the area of affordable housing, we would really like to hear from you shortly, as this will be one of our top priorities. There is still room on the steering group if you’d like to join. However, if you feel you would like to help but don’t have so much time – that’s fine, any assistance and contribution of ideas is very welcome. Please let us know if you would like to join the steering group or assist us on any aspect of the plan.
Email us at [email protected]
Next steering group meeting: Wednesday 14th September 2022 Tavistock Town Council Chamber
Next public meeting: Wednesday 19th October 2022
Calendar meetings and events will be updated here 
For further information visit
Stuart Honey – secretary  [email protected]
(*) survey respondent, Spring 2022, on what they want the Neighbourhood plan to consider