May 2023 Update: Housing and Heritage

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Tavistock Neighbourhood Development Plan
May 2023 Update

In this newsletter, we focus on HOUSING and HERITAGE, priorities identified by Tavistock residents in last year’s survey
Table of Affordability Threshold in Tavistock 2023Affordability Thresholds with indicative deposit amounts
AECOM was commissioned to produce a Tavistock Housing Needs Assessment (HNA).  
The report highlights the crisis of unaffordability in purchasing or renting homes for many residents in Tavistock and the overall shortfall in available housing, especially for people with a strong local connection.
“….local households on average incomes are unable to access even entry level homes unless they have the advantage of a very large deposit. Market housing, even with the benefit of a higher than average income, is likely to remain out of reach to most.”
The report is evidence based, detailed and thorough. Conclusions and recommended next steps will form the basis for drafting the neighbourhood plan housing policy, which residents will have the opportunity to review later this year. Download the Housing Needs Assessment report

Tavistock Community Mosaic of 2006
The Tavistock Neighbourhood Development Plan needs your help to protect our heritage.
Go to the Get Involved’ Tab to view the Tavistock Conservation Area Designations Map and download an assessment form.
Although local heritage lists have long been developed successfully for buildings, all heritage asset types including walls, railings, parts of structures, sites, places, areas, parks, gardens and designed landscapes may be considered for inclusion.
To get involved, take a look at the assessment form and see whether there’s a heritage asset near you that would benefit from protection within the NDP. If it’s already designated on the map you can rest assured that the asset is already protected. Keep a look out on social media for other evidence requests regarding open spaces, sports and recreational facilities and designating green spaces, coming in the next few months.
Following the start of the new council year, we welcome to the steering group Cllr Julu Irvine and Cllr Trev Munro.
The steering group calendar and upcoming public meetings are available in the calendar and we invite you to visit our website to read the steering group meeting minutes and study the draft documents.
If you have any thoughts or comments please email: [email protected] As always, we thank you for your continued feedback, enthusiasm and support.
Stuart Honey – Steering Group Secretary